Bad News: Data Breaches Are Only Going to Get Worse

Worried about giving out personal information to different companies? You probably should be. Why? Because even high profile companies with the money and means to put top-notch IT security in place have been penetrated by hackers, who have stolen the data of consumers (even when consumers did not give these companies their personal data willingly). Yet little compensation, if any, is granted to the victims of these hacker raids on corporate networks. If you think your personal data was vulnerable before, you should brace yourself for what is to come. These data breaches are only going to get worse.

Access to Data Storage

It all begins with sophisticated databases that store your personal information. When hackers start poking around inside a company’s database, it is not difficult to determine where the lucrative information resides. As the technology gets better, hackers have even more tools at their disposal with which to attack unsuspecting corporate networks.

The Inside Job

While a company may have an awesome IT department, there is often very little preventing a person on the inside with crucial information about the network from passing that information on to an outside hacker. Yes, although we hate to think it is true, many hackers get into corporate networks because there is often a man on the inside that is feeding them critical information about the system. It is difficult to know who the culprit is in these cases, and the hackers slip in with valid passwords and leave little trace that they were even inside a network. Hacking enterprises will undoubtedly become more organized in their attempts, recruiting inside people to make their penetration of networks easier. All applicants for IT positions should be screened thoroughly before hiring.

AI Methods

As more elaborate AI frameworks are developed, it is only a matter of time before hacker rings start using these types of tools to crack systems. An AI machine can observe patterns in the information being passed in and out of a network, inevitably picking up on data that is useful to hack through the network’s security measures. Also, an AI machine can do this far quicker and more efficiently than a human, making networks far more vulnerable to attack than ever before.

In the past, hackers had to work hard to break into networks and computer systems. Today, hackers have so many more tools at their disposal to attack networks, get around security measures, and steal valuable data. Without rigorous security that is regularly updated, a company network will not stand a chance against these relentless criminals. Contact Brown Spider IT Services today to see what more you can do to update your security.


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