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Over the past 12 months, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of Ransomware and Phishing attacks. Because of this, we have put together a suite of services through a major partner, Topsec.  The main reason we chose Topsec is due to their ability to protect companies and users from email-based threats such as attachments, macro & URL based threats. A lot of this may just seem like techno jargon but these cyber-attacks are now very much a common everyday occurrence.

email security

Another reason for choosing Topsec as our partners is their approach  – A Fully Managed Concierge Service

At Topsec we pride ourselves on our approachable, knowledgeable support staff. Support is our top priority, no press button x – you are straight through to a real knowledgeable person every time you call. We have an SLA of under 15 mins for responses and usually instant resolution.

What does this ‘Concierge Service’ mean to you?

  • Setting up of the service, only leaving you to change MX Records.
  • Proactive Monitoring – inbound and outbound 24 x 7.
  • Setting up rules / Blacklists / Whitelists.
  • Releasing emails.
  • Track and trace of emails.
  • SLA – 15 mins for a response.
  • Full training to let you take as little or as much control as you like.

The services currently on offer are:

Email Security (AV, Spam and Content Filtering)

Email Security is a secure cloud email security service which works with your existing email service, to provide continuously updated malware protection, spam filtering & content filtering with DLP, keeping new and emerging threats away from your network.

Email Continuity (Disaster Webmail Service)

Email continuity solution prevents loss of email in the event of planned or unplanned email downtime. Email Continuity provides a webmail service which enables you to work as normal, sending and receiving while your mail server or service provider is down.


Blended Threats (Email Link Protection)

Blended Threats provides email URL sandboxing which means links are opened in a safe environment. Using real-time zero-hour behavioral analytics and content inspection, we block any site serving suspicious or malicious code. The service doesn’t rely on signatures, so it is never out of date when it comes to catching and neutralizing new exploits.

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