Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protector is a Device Control & full DLP solution for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux FREE to use on up to 10 computers.From a single, easy to use console, Endpoint Protector protects company networks of all sizes from data loss, data leakage and data theft by controlling, monitoring and blocking data movement across all portable devices and smartdevices, plus applications such as IM, VoIP, The Cloud, Outlook and webmail.

Detailed reports, logs & audit trails on all the information transferred in and out of the network provide compliance for Government and Industry regulations such as PCI compliance.

Available as both Hardware and Virtual Appliance, it can be integrated within just a few minutes in a company network, ensuring enhanced security while maintaining productivity.

Endpoint Protector is completely FREE to use for up to 10 PC’s & 5 mobiles !

More information is coming shortly. In the meantime give us a call for further details.

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