BrownSpider MBS

BrownSpider MBS  provides a powerful Backup and Restore program designed to leverage Amazon S3 cloud storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

Disaster recovery planning is often times an afterthought that comes to light when disaster strikes. Very seldom do companies fully recover from a loss of critical data which could lead to loss of business.

Following is a list of BrownSpider MBS main functions:


  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Scheduling capabilities
  • Data encryption
  • Data retention schedule
  • Secure online storage
  • Backup verification
  • Alerting notifications


  • Backup and Restore Wizards make this service user-friendly
  • Strong data encryption protects your data from unauthorised access
  • Scheduling capabilities automate the backup process
  • Backups are available for recovery 24/7
  • Intuitive interface provides easy file and folder selection capabilities
  • No proprietary storage format. You can access your files using other Amazon S3 tools.


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