What are the Most Insidious IT Risks We All Face?

In modern business, technology is moving at an incredibly fast rate. As fast as we are innovating new technology, thieves are moving just as quickly. Every company is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and online hacking. As a business you need to know what the most insidious threats are, so you can protect yourself and your company properly. Here are the most common IT dangers to look out for:


A phishing attack is one of the worst cyber security breaches you could face. The reason it is so dangerous is because you don’t realize it has happened until it’s too late. The way it works is a hacker will pretend to be someone in your company or an official that your company has contact with. They will send an email to one of your employees with a link asking them to click it to confirm some order of business.

When your employee clicks on the link, it actually opens up secret malicious code in the background. This code infects your email system, the host’s computer, and eventually your whole network. From here, the hacker can steal your private product information, customer data, and banking credentials. Make sure you train your employees never to click on links without confirming that the original sender is who they say they are, in order to prevent these attacks from happening.


Man in the Middle (MITM)

A MITM attack occurs when hackers set up network signals to interfere with yours in your office. They pretend to be another computer or device of one of your employees. Because the network thinks it is the real thing, it will send it private information that would ordinarily be encrypted. The best defense against this is a secure firewall that blocks certain traffic not preapproved by your company.



One of the most insidious types of IT attacks is ransomware. The cyber attackers will target one of your computers and eventually gain control of the whole database. From here, they will lock you out of your own system. You must pay them a hefty ransom, or they will not release the controls or the information back to you. Be sure to regularly offload sensitive information offline to protect it from these attacks.


When it comes to protecting your company’s IT and data, you can never be too careful. If your network or information falls into the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for your company. Look carefully at the list above and make sure you are implementing the right protocols to ensure you are protected against cyber-attacks now and in the future.